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Building healthcare teams that drive results


People are at the heart of your healthcare organization.  They drive your culture and your standards of care.  But, what drives them?


Over 10,000 Organizations Trust the Predictive Index to Craft Winning Teams

Providing Great Healthcare is Complicated.
Misaligned Teams Make it Even Harder


You know all those issues you’ve had with your leadership team? The lack of alignment and signs of frustration are disappointing, but you eventually move on. 

But those little issues add up….

Maybe it’s time to step back and wonder, “What’s not working here?”

Does any of this sound familiar?


  • Overwhelmed with managing the pace of change.

  • Unclear on how to develop top performers

  • Leadership teams feels uninspired

  • Struggling to regain momentum with remote work

  • Top talent continues to leave the organization

  • Not clear on what we need with future leaders

  • Hiring the right leaders feels like a guessing game

Building Dream Teams in 3 Easy Steps

Know Yourself

Take the six-minute PI Behavioral Assessment™ to learn how you work best, and how you influence your tea

Know Your Team

Invite team members to take the assessment, and discover your team’s collective strengths
and weaknesses

Know Your Strategy

Identify misalignment between the team’s abilities and its goals. Receive recommended actions to close the gap and drive toward success.

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Predictive Index Workshops

Drive Results with Talent


​Our flagship workshop is a 2-day deep dive into all elements of data driven talent optimization.


Participants will learn how to fully interpret and utilize the PI insights to align business strategy with your people strategy.

Format:  2 Days, Virtual or In-Person



Discover your Team Type


​This workshop focuses on using the PI data and Team Discovery tools to evaluate each team members’ work styles and how that interacts with overall team dynamics.  By understanding the individual and team at the behavioral level, we can dramatically improve teamwork, communication and business outcomes. 

Format:  2 Hours, Virtual or In-Person


Design your team for success


​Armed with the knowledge of your Team Type, this workshop goes in-depth to apply and align your team to your business strategy.  Identify with precision the  practical steps needed to ensure the entire team is laser-focused on your key objectives. A high performing team knows exactly where its strengths and weaknesses lie and how each member uniquely contributes. 

Format:  2 Days, Virtual or In-Person (Prerequisite: Discover Your Team Type

Let's Win, Together

Unleash the potential of your leadership team with the Predictive Index. Questions? Answers are here.

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