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Healthcare executive search

Building the teams
shaping healthcare's future.


Executive search and talent advisory solutions built for healthcare organizations


Find the right talent

Align your teams

Accelerate revenue

Realize your potential

Creating Enterprise Value through Winning Teams


As a healthcare industry executive, you deserve the best executive search and talent solutions, but finding a trusted partner isn't easy.

Too often, you end up overpaying for search solutions from big name firms that leave you no closer to meeting your goals.

As healthcare executives ourselves, we understand the unique challenges you face and provide modern talent solutions that work.

We're selective in our partnerships, only working with clients and missions that we believe in.


By maintaining a low search load, we provide you with the premium experience you expect.

Improving Healthcare

Our Solutions

Serving the most sophisticated healthcare providers in the U.S.


Healthcare Executive Search


Your organization's success depends on finding the right leaders to drive results. Talenta's executive search solutions use state-of-the-art technology and validated psychometric data to find the perfect fit for your team.

Strategic HR Advisory


As a dynamic healthcare organization, you need talent solutions that help your HR and Talent Acquisition teams create a sustainable advantage in the marketplace while aligning with your mission and vision. Our solutions are designed precisely to meet these needs.


Successful HR Strategy
healthcare executives

Predictive Index Talent Optimization


Has your leadership team hit a plateau? Don't worry; it happens to even the most talented teams. But to realize their full potential, they need to be fully aligned with your healthcare mission. Studies show that fully aligned teams are 21% more effective. Invest in aligning your team to your strategy and their natural strengths with us, and watch your team achieve new heights.

Successful Executive Hiring

Why Talenta?


Unleash the potential of your healthcare team with talent that delivers results.


At Talenta, we believe you should expect more from a search partner.  High stakes recruiting demands a high touch approach.  

 Whether it's a single executive search assignment or building an entire team, we have the skills to identify and recruit the ideal leaders for your organization, every time.


Talenta In Numbers


Years Healthcare executive experience


Healthcare leaders in searchable database


Maximum number of searches per recruiter


Success rate for searches since Talenta's inception

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Talent strategies and thought leadership to build high performing healthcare teams

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Let's Win, Together


Building the future of healthcare, one leader at a time.

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