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  • What is the Talenta Executive Search Process?
    At a high level, our approach has the following elements: 1. Deep dive intake session to uncover what the role needs to accomplish 2. Candidate sourcing, outreach and marketing campaigns 3. Interviewing, using behavioral based questions, assessments, and backchannel references 4. Role filled, with onboarding support
  • What types of organizations do you recruit for?
    Talenta has deep expertise in roles covering all care delivery settings, including:​ ​ Non-Profit and Faith Based Healthcare Systems Private Equity and Venture Capital portfolio Healthcare Organizations Academic Medical Centers and Colleges of Medicine Physician Practices and Medical Groups Children’s Hospitals Hospice Telemedicine and Home Health
  • Do you offer a guarantee?
    Absolutely! Talenta offers a full 9 month replacement guarantee for retained executive search assignments. In the unlikely event that a candidate does not work out, we will replace them free of charge.

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