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Predictive Index

Unleash your potential with the transformative power of the Predictive Index and real-world talent analytics.


High performing teams don't happen by accident.  We'll maximize your potential by fully aligning your talent strategy to your business strategy. 

Step One

Self assessment

Step Two

Team assessment

Step Three

Strategy assessment

Step Four

Align your team for success

Thousands of Organizations Rely on the Power of the Predictive Index

Using Behavioral Science to Solve Your Teams Biggest Problems

Aligned and engaged teams are 21% more productive and profitable, but getting there isn't always easy.

  • "Leadership meetings are becoming a waste of time."

  • "You can't seem to find common ground with your colleagues."

  • "Feels like you aren't playing to your strengths."

  • "Projects just don't seem to get finalized."

It doesn't have to be this hard. Using the predictive index behavioral assessment suite, we get everyone fully engaged with your strategy, and focused on their unique gifts, powering your team to new heights.

Talenta HR Group
Predictive Index

There are 3 ways you can apply the Predictive Index to your organization. Which ones are right for you?

Predictive Index workshops & consulting services

As certified Predictive Index consultants, we lead our workshops on-site or virtually, to train your team on the Talent Optimization model.  When complete, the full PI methodology is integrated into your organizational culture and practice.

Predictive Index Hiring Solution

The PI Hire solution is a powerful framework, adding top-shelf technology and science to your hiring toolkit.  Our tools give you the confidence that you're hiring the right person to fit your team, your strategy, and your organization's culture. 

Talent Strategy and Design

Lead your team to success by understanding how each leader interacts and plays to their natural strengths.  With dynamic software and powerful behavioral data, you can finally unleash your team's true potential.

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“Alden came to Ascend Medical to literally create a professional scalable HR function.  Throughout his engagement, he’s been a trusted advisor, not only leading HR, but helping craft the strategic priorities of the organization through the lens of our people.
If you’re in need of a catalyst to hire top talent and boost team performance, Alden and his partners at Talenta come highly recommended.”

Jason Madsen - Founder and CEO,

Ascend Medical

Let's Win, Together


Ready to learn more about how the Predictive Index can improve your healthcare org? Questions? Answers are here.

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