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HR Consultants

Transform your team's culture and performance with tailored HR solutions.


Designed to meet the unique challenges facing healthcare organizations, our HR consulting services ensure your "People" function is fully aligned with your vision.

Are You Facing Any of These Situations?

  • You're not confident that your HR function understands the needs of the business

  • Facing a gap in HR leadership and unclear on what you need

  • You’re losing candidates to sub-par competition

  • You've got no talent pipeline, leaving you vulnerable if a key leader exits

  • Worried that your retention strategy no longer applies due to labor market changes

  • Scrambling to integrate new employees after an acquisition

  • Struggling to develop a sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion hiring initiative

Alden Pennington, Founder

How We Help You Win

Interim HR Leadership

Are you facing a leadership gap in your HR department? Leverage our experience as healthcare executives to  bridge the gap.

We help your HR function become the engine for growth and world class patient outcomes.

Talent Acquisition Optimization

The top talent in the marketplace simply wont tolerate an amateur recruiting process.

Our Talent Acquisition Optimization will modernize your hiring process, with a custom strategy to find your ideal candidates.

Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources Consulting built to ensure your HR functions stay ahead of the competition.

We provide a wide range of services, including HR strategy development, and employee engagement systems all built to focus on your unique strategy.

HR Consulting Success

How Will Your Team Benefit From Talenta's HR Consulting?

  • Create a dynamic HR strategy that keeps you ahead of the competition

  • Attract the best talent: Our tailored approach ensures that you attract and hire the top talent in the industry.

  • Streamline your hiring process: We help you optimize your recruitment process for maximum efficiency, saving you time and resources.

  • Save money: Our cost-effective solutions help you achieve your recruitment goals without breaking the bank.

  • Boost your employer brand: A streamlined and efficient recruitment process can help enhance your employer brand and attract more qualified candidates in the future.

Our Process


Modern talent advisory solutions for your healthcare organization

Step One

Goals & Value
Everything begins with your unique vision and culture

Step Two

Needs Assessment
 Uncovering the gaps in your talent strategies

Step Three

Build & Implement
We put in place sustainable systems to ensure success

City Skyline
“Before meeting Alden, I'd underestimated the value that a true talent executive can bring.  Hiring the right people and cultivating a true team doesn’t happen by accident. It only happens through a partnership.  Alden takes the effort to genuinely understand the dynamic of the role, the team and the culture. 
If he's recommending a candidate, then you'd better clear your calendar.  The guy has an eye for finding the best of the best.”

Greg Simons, CEO,

Anodyne Pain and Wellness Solutions

Don't let HR challenges hold your business back. 


Contact us today to learn more about how Talenta HR Group can help you build a better business.

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