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“Before meeting Alden, I'd underestimated the value that a true talent executive can bring.  Hiring the right people and cultivating a true team doesn’t happen by accident. It only happens through a partnership.  Alden takes the effort to genuinely understand the dynamic of the role, the team and the culture. 
If he's recommending a candidate, then you'd better clear your calendar.  The guy has an eye for finding the best of the best.”

Greg Simons, CEO,

Anodyne Pain and Wellness Solutions

  • What is the Talenta Executive Search Process?
    At a high level, our approach has the following elements: 1. Consultative, deep-dive intake session to uncover what the role needs to accomplish 2. Candidate sourcing, outreach and custom built marketing campaigns 3. Interviewing, using behavioral based questions, assessments, and backchannel references 4. Role filled, with optional onboarding support
  • What types of organizations do you recruit for?
    Talenta has deep expertise in roles covering all care delivery settings, including:​ ​ Private Equity and Venture Capital Portfolio Healthcare Organizations Academic Medical Centers and Colleges of Medicine Non-Profit and Faith Based Healthcare Systems Physician Practices and Medical Groups Telemedicine and Home Health Children’s Hospitals Hospice
  • Do you offer a guarantee?
    We believe in our process, and have nearly 20 years of demonstrated results. With confidence, we offer a full 9 month replacement guarantee for retained executive search assignments. In the unlikely event that a candidate does not work out, we will replace them free of charge.
  • What other services does Talenta offer?
    We deeply believe in leveraging data in our search process, using the Predictive Index as our tool of choice. This also means we're certified to lead PI workshops to help you build more effective teams, develop your talent, and improve organizational performance.
  • What sets Talenta HR Group apart from other healthcare executive search agencies?
    With Talenta, you get experienced and successful Healthcare executives to lead your search. Not just a recruiter, but a talent advisor, helping you find the talent that aligns to your unique culture, vision and strategy. When you're ready to see what concierge executive recruiting should look like, we're ready to change your mind on using the big agency approach.
  • What's the investment level for a leadership search?
    Single bespoke search: C-Suite/Board Level: 35% of first year base salary VP Level: 30% of first year base salary Director Level: 28% of first year base salary Individual Contributor Level: 20% of first year base salary Subscription Model: Minimum Commitment: 3 Searches per Year Monthly Fee: $5,000 Search Fee (Per VP Search): $35,000 Search Fee (Per Director Search): $18,500 Subscription Model: Minimum Commitment: 6 Searches per Year Monthly Fee: $10,000 Search Fee (Per VP Search): $30,000 Search Fee (Per Director Search): $15,000 Terms may vary, so clients should carefully review and discuss the fee agreement to ensure alignment with their expectations and budget constraints.
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