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Strategic HR Consulting

Elevated HR Consulting
Elevated HR Consulting

Show me a Great HR Team and I'll Show you a Great Organization.

The best companies in the world use HR consultants, because they understand the power of expertise….and they understand you should focus your attention on what you do best. We've seen it all in the HR space and can advise you on what path to take…..and which to avoid, allowing you to dedicate your energy to your core competencies.

Today's business challenges are always people related challenges and HR departments and leaders need to be out in front of this new set of realities. With a close on the trends making up the future of work, we'll dive in and help with solutions ranging from building your initial HR function, Merger and Acquisitions, or reimagining what's possible from an business focused people strategy.

Predictive Index
Predictive Index

Interim HR Leadership Big or small, every business needs people expertise, and we've led multiple organizations with their talent strategy. While you focus on building and selling your products and services, we can fill the gaps on the people side of the business to drive alignment and engagement across the organization. Whether you are searching for your first head of talent, dealing with turnover of a key HR leader, or if your current one is going out on leave, we ensure your HR team continues to act as a force multiplier for organizational success.

Culture Scaling with the Predictive Index Unleash the potential of your managers and teams, by understanding what drives them. All of us have unique gifts we bring to work every day. Leveraging the Predictive Index, we provide your team with insights on their own key motivators and how that aligns with their teams, colleagues and leadership. Want better engagement and results? We can help you avoid common pitfalls seen at all levels of leadership, reducing conflict and sharpening focus on key goals.

Predictive Index Employee Engagement Tool Simply put--If your people are disengaged, it’s preventing you from reaching your organizational goals. Just imagine what your company could achieve if all employees pulled in the same direction at full force! The one of a kind PI Diagnose solution makes this dream a reality. We provide you a powerful framework for solving engagement problems—and maintaining employee engagement. Everything from the software to focused workshops, we give you the tools and data you need to re-engage your top talent and transform your organization



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