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The Great Resignation? Not for Everyone!

Among the many new terms we've all added to our vocabulary during the tumultuous past few years is the "Great Resignation". Certainly the data shows this is a real thing.

"Labor" is having its day and people are quitting jobs in droves…..just don’t get the idea this applies to everyone….nor is this all a bad thing.

Top companies that engage their employees remain that way because they constantly read the "tea-leaves" and know what their employees think and feel, so when macro-economic changes occur, they can quickly pivot. The Great Resignation is no different.

So how are these companies keeping things so steady amongst the waves? By creating fully aligned and complimentary teams that allow each member to focus on their natural strengths. When done properly, staff are much more likely to stick around when things get challenging….or when an executive recruiter tries to poach.

What about societally? Are all these resignations actually bad? For the poorly prepared, sure it's not great, but it does seem people are prioritizing time with family, mental well-being, or just realigning themselves to work they love versus work they're forced into. That suggests a longer term win, even if there's some acute pain in the near-term.

I'm optimistic that when it all shakes out, we will see an employer base that learned some lessons about engagement, compensation and DEI efforts, and a much craftier and wiser candidate pool.

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