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Uncovering the Right Leaders: My Secret Weapon for Executive Search

What We're Digging Into: Recruiting, by nature, is inherently a subjective game. Lots of opinions, lots of guesswork, and few tools to really “test-drive” a candidate’s ability. So, how can we begin to improve our odds?

Why It Matters: While its true nobody scores 100% with recruiting execs, by introducing data, you get much closer… When the stakes are tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, every percentage point in the right direction matters.

Today, we pull back the curtain and share a game-changing strategy I've been using in all my executive search endeavors — one that has proven to be a difference-maker when crafting the process, and when it comes to making the critical final hiring decision.

The Conundrum of Leadership Vacancies

If you're like most executives I know, the challenge of finding the perfect leader for your team probably keeps you up at night. The stakes are high – from board expectations to the overarching mission of delivering top-notch services and products.

I’ve been there.

Its often so nerve-wracking that many execs will keep an average performer in place, just to avoid the uncertainty of a new search.

I suppose the devil you know is better than the one you don’t.

Maybe not….

Why Traditional Approaches Fall Short

Traditional hiring methods often leave us with a nagging doubt:

  • Are we really finding the right fit?

  • How will they mesh with the exec team?

  • How can we be sure this leader aligns with us?

  • What interview questions will really help me decide?

The tendency is to add a large group of colleagues to the interview process. After all, getting everyone’s opinion should ensure we get it right…

If only it were that easy.

Enter the Predictive Index: A Game-Changer in Executive Search

Back in 2012, I was introduced to a leading behavioral assessment, The Predictive Index (PI). At the time I was an HR Director in a large health system, looking for a way to tighten up leadership hires in a differentiated way.

I went through a 2-day workshop on behavioral tendencies and how we can measure them with incredible accuracy. Ultimately, the PI toolkit became an obvious solution and became instrumental in driving a more data driven process..

Exactly how you’d expect a healthcare system to operate—With “Evidence Based Practices”

The PI goes beyond the resume and interview to reveal insights into a candidate's natural work behaviors, motivations, and potential challenges they might face in a leadership role.

Quite helpful when crafting interview questions that get to the heart of your role and organizational opportunities.

Why PI?

To be clear, lots of behavioral assessments exist, and many I would endorse as validated and reliable. Tools like DISC, Hogan Index and others are very well done and scientifically proven. However, none of them, in my view, are as easy to administer or as practical to use as PI.

It takes only 6 minutes on average for a candidate to complete, and the reports are incredibly easy to use and understand. It’s a value-add for both the candidate and the hiring team.

Precision in Selection: PI allows you to pinpoint candidates whose natural behaviors align seamlessly with the demands of the modern healthcare leader. More importantly, it highlights how a candidate aligns to your unique needs and business strategy.

Culture Fit: We all know how critical it is to have leaders who resonate with the organizational culture. PI helps you assess not just skills, but how an individual will thrive within your unique healthcare environment. After all, your organization and team won’t be the same as someone else’s. Why not get more precise with what you need, versus a generic approach.

Predicting Performance: With PI, you’re not relying solely on past achievements. You’ll be forecasting future success by understanding a candidate's innate traits and how they'll navigate the challenges specific to your organization. Short of a free 90-day work trial, there’s nothing better.

The Proof is in the Results

Since incorporating PI into our executive search process, the feedback has been nothing short of phenomenal. Here’s a brief overview of what BOD’s and senior executives love:

Job Profile Built

Candidate Profile Identified

Interview Questions Generated

Ready to Transform Your Executive Search?

If you're tired of the same old song and dance in executive search, let's chat. I'd love to explore how incorporating behavioral assessments like PI can revolutionize your approach, mitigate anxiety, and bring the right leaders to the forefront.

Want to try the Predictive Index for Free?

No strings attached, here’s the link to see your results in less than 10 minutes: Predictive Index

To a future filled with outstanding leadership,


Founder, Talenta HR Group

P.S. Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Ready to find the talent to fuel your healthcare teams »> Click here to book a discovery call.​

  2. Need to align your team to your strategy? Discover the power of our tailored Predictive Index Workshops​

  3. Looking for strategic HR leadership, but not ready for a full-time commitment? Explore our Fractional CHRO solutions.



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