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Harnessing the Power of People Analytics in Healthcare Recruitment and HR

Recruiters and HR professionals know that a resume can only tell you so much about a candidate. And while the right interview questions can help fill in some of an applicant’s missing information, finding an exemplary candidate for an open position is much more nuanced than a list of skills and experience.

An organization’s success largely depends on its ability to align a candidate’s natural strengths with its overall strategy and mission. For healthcare especially, it’s been a challenge to assemble, develop, and retain leadership teams that bring strengths and strategy together effectively.

The good news is that new people analytics tools can help.

For talent acquisition, these new data analytics tools empower recruiters to:

  • Prioritize a field of applicants

  • Understand candidate interest

  • Interpret candidate behavior

  • Grasp the reasons why candidates are—or aren’t—interested in joining a particular organization.

The search for talent can be as broad as it is deep. Today, AI is creating automation that allows for scale in outreach and data collection. In 2023, 72% of HR businesses are projected to use AI for talent acquisition. That’s 12% higher than it was in 2020.

More data means more insight into which candidates are most likely to:

  • Thrive in your setting

  • Connect with your team

  • And, contribute at an organizational level that matches your organizational needs and goals.

Using the Predictive Index, for example, can provide a valuable data point to help recruiters with hiring candidates who exhibit the behavioral attributes a job requires, and not just desirable experience and skills.

Aligning an existing or growing team becomes easier.

Data provided by tools like the Predictive Index allows HR to build existing or growing teams in which strengths are entirely aligned with strategy. These kinds of analytics connect data in new ways that can enrich ongoing HR and employee relations in every sector.

New tools and technologies are fueling the development of data-driven HR models.

Recent leaps in the application of AI are enabling HR professionals to identify and track:

  • Inefficiencies in systems interactions

  • Risks of burnout

  • And, likely turnover.

HR leaders, especially those in healthcare, are quick to note the crucial importance of employee experience data—especially information that surpasses what an annual survey can extract. The ability to get real-time insight into how employees feel about projects, announcements, and other items is key to both acquiring and subsequently retaining the staff your healthcare organization needs to meet its goals and fulfill its mission. And now, data analytics can do just that.

So, what is keeping recruiters and HR teams from making use of cutting-edge data analytics?

Three Key Takeaways

  1. New AI people analytics tools can give healthcare organizations an important data-driven edge in conducting an executive search.

  2. Predictive Index can empower HR professionals to more effectively align new and existing team members with overall business strategy.

  3. Adopting new technology is slower in healthcare than in other sectors. Reticence to use new data analytics tools for HR may negatively impact the ability of healthcare organizations to compete for talent in a competitive job market.

Talenta HR Group leverages new AI technology and tools to your healthcare organization’s advantage. Whether it's leading an executive search or aligning your existing team’s strengths with mission and strategy, we’re here to help.



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