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Remote Work in the Age of Coronavirus

Over the years, I’ve read a variety of conflicting research documents on the efficacy of remote work and how it applies to different industries. With the impact of our global COVID-19 pandemic, my sense is that the argument is now over, and remote work….by default or design has won.

I’ve been fortunate to work for and with some progressive organizations, where the idea of working remotely has been the norm for quite a while. My experience is that they were all winners!

Remote work at its core is predicated on the idea of trust and results. Turns out, those are pretty valuable commodities throughout any business.

I usually disdain cliché’s like “New Normal”, but I can’t think of a better description for how HR teams and organizations in general need to prepare for remote work. This isn’t a fad, a short-term business interruption or a bump in the road. This is a permanent altering of how employees engage at work, use technology and communicate with each other.

The time is now to get going! Don’t have a remote work policy? Neither do approximately 60% of all companies. For those of you who are enterprising enough, that sounds like a chance to get ahead of the game. Consider cultural norms around how and when to communicate, when to be online, and if you’re expected to turn your webcam on?!

Without a doubt, employee engagement will look entirely different as we move forward. Organizations need to assume a proactive approach and be opportunistic. Those who embrace this “new normal” will be the new leaders when we get to the other side.

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remote work
remote work

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