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Healthcare Executive Search

Hire the right talent for the right role, every-time.

Big data and analytics are everywhere, and your Talent Acquisition process should be no different. Using validated Behavioral and Cognitive Assessments from the Predictive Index, we can accurately identify the candidates needed to fuel your growth.

Executive Search Success

Talent Acquisition has always been hard. It's so often a guessing game, using gut feelings and sincere but misguided efforts to instinctually identify talent.

Don’t waste another minute on the wrong candidate. Our structured interview process cultivates a diverse candidate pool and sorts candidates based on the highest predictors of job performance–so you only see top tier candidates, saving time, money and unwanted turnover.

Our retained search model is best suited for leadership hires at the director level and above, with a high touch approach to both clients and candidates. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect:

  • Establish search strategy: The critical first step is the in-depth discussion to identify the position, ideal candidate profile and immediate accomplishments they will need to achieve in the role.

  • Attract Top Talent: Using more than just job boards and postings, we leverage our broad network and database of nearly 1 billion contacts to find people outside of the normal posting platforms.

  • Candidate Assessment: Our interview and assessment tools leverage the Predictive Index suite of products, including the world renowned Behavioral Profile and Cognitive Assessment tools, to ensure a comprehensive view of each candidate is taken into consideration.

  • Present only the top few candidates for client interviews: No time should be wasted on candidates that don’t match the exact needs and qualifications. Your time is way too valuable to waste with unnecessary interviews.

  • Hired! Plan for day 1 with your new leader with absolute confidence in the alignment and performance that comes from a great hiring process and candidate experience.

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