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Trailblazing HR: The 7 essential leaders you need on your HR Team

What We're Digging Into: I’ve never seen a successful organization that didn’t have a stellar HR team. For consistently great HR outcomes, there are 5 types of HR pro that will get you there faster.

Why it Matters: HR success looks and feels different than it used to. The human-centered approach has evolved, meaning your HR team better keep up.

The state of HR going into 2024 feels a bit different than years past.

We’re just a couple of years out from Covid’s peak and the paradigm shift in the workplace continues. For top HR teams, it will be anything but business as usual.

If you’re looking to break free from the failing, traditional HR models, here’s who you need to find for your team:

The Operator:

A master in the art of building repeatable systems that breathe life into your HR vision. Many HR teams are great at idea generation, but it all falls apart without great systems.

When execution matters (It always does). This key leader asks the key questions that determine if your idea is viable. They think about practicality, automation and making the outcomes inevitable.

The Connector:

Just being in the HR function doesn’t mean everyone there is a “people person”. Just like any other function, you need the master networker who strategically introduces opportunities, and does the backchannel reviews for stakeholder feedback, making changes easier to implement and with fewer surprises.

They’re likable, non-judgmental and know how to build influence. Think of them as the PR leader for your HR operations.

The Rulebook Whisperer:

Like many CHRO’s I’m incredibly impatient with rules, policies, and compliance driven work. I understand the necessity but grow bored with non-value-added activity.

But that doesn’t change how important they are…. or how ugly it can be when you mess it up.

Your HR team needs the bearer of hard truths, ensuring you stay grounded. They know the policy rulebook with intense detail. They’re close to the legal team and can push back on decisions that may create more risk than reward.

Sometimes the value can be the mistakes you avoid….

The Metrics Maestro:

There are way too few of these people to be found in HR. These are the performance storytellers, turning numbers into HR strategy insights.

If you claim that your people are your most important asset, then you’d better be able to articulate how they’re performing.

You desperately need someone to help you share the real story in a way that resonates.

They help establish clear metrics for accountability and evidence-based decision-making, turning data into actionable insights.

The OG (Experienced Generalist)

This is your Swiss Army Knife of HR, your trouble-shooter and problem-solver. They’re loyal to the organization and have deep roots across all verticals.

With a comprehensive understanding of the organization, they can read between the lines and give you the real narrative on a leader, a function or the history of why a project has failed.

Count on their guidance for enhancing your business strengths and strategies, navigating operational hurdles, and nurturing your development as a leader.

The Tech Innovator:

The one who “nerds out” on all forms of tech and makes it understood that they enjoy solving the tech issues that drive most others crazy.

New HR tech? They will gladly review, demo, and recommend the best for you.

Internal challenges with your HRIS? They get to a solution that makes sense, because they understand HR at the intersection of IT.

HR is becoming more and more a tech-focused department. Without the right expert here, the countless systems, vendors and integrations can make you feel lost.

The Culture Curator:

Even the very best of us can lose our way across high pressure environments. We can get locked into spreadsheets, numbers and dollar signs, and eventually……lose the plot.

Here’s how your Culture Curator brings it back:

  • They remind you of the “why” behind your decisions.

  • They reconnect you with your humanity.

  • They remind you of the bigger picture.

  • They bring you closer to your mission.

Staying grounded in your vision is a powerful motivator that fuels your team chemistry.

So, that’s your list.

Prioritize getting these leaders on your team…. then empower them to be at their best. Together, they form the backbone of a high-performing HR function, poised to make a real impact on patient care.

To your success,


Founder, Talenta HR Group

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