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World's Largest Recruiting Event--The NFL Draft

Every April, the world's premier recruiting event kicks off with 3 days of intense debate, analysis and make-or-break decisions.

If you're thinking SHRM or World at Work, you've missed it. It’s the NFL draft.

With tens of millions of viewers, it appears the one place that everyone can finally agree----hiring top talent is crucial to your organization!

In the NFL, they're still called "personnel" departments with scouts. The process begins years in advance, while some of these athletes are in high school. The best scouts are navigating through a variety of networks with college coaches, trainers and parents--all in hopes to identify the "diamond in the rough".

Sound familiar?

As a talent acquisition professional, you want pre-hire assessments to get every bit of data possible. The NFL is no different. They famously use the Wonderlic IQ test, and then measure every possible angle of an athlete's body and performance.

Drill after drill, there are videos, computers, stop watches and scores of eyes watching these prospects.

Talent Acquisition in the NFL is a massive part of the franchise's enormous overhead. It's well understood that even a fractional advantage over another team could mean landing the next hall of fame talent instead of the dreaded "bust".

With all of the preparation complete, the first round of the draft is underway. Teams are about to present their offer letter. The nerves are frayed at this point, as General Managers and coaches all know---You mess up the first round pick, you lose your job.

Happens every year…

What can we learn about talent and recruiting for talent from the NFL? I would say---everything! Talent matters… fact, Talent Wins. Imagine if your business paid as much attention to sourcing, networking, and recruiting top talent as the NFL.

Would you have a better organization? Would you have happier customers, more revenue, and smiling shareholders? Odds are strong you would.

So, for you NFL fans out there getting ready to don your favorite team's hat and jersey to watch the draft---keep in mind this is a model of how much talent matters……and that you got all dressed up for an HR event….



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